About Us


Meraki.Social is a digital marketing agency that emphasizes “social” and not “agency.” We believe that the work comes first, that geographic constraints shouldn’t be a factor, and that kind individuals with talent and vision are truly the greatest investment any company can make. Because of all this, we’ve disrupted a variety of industries for the better. And we’re just getting started.

About Us

Many companies rely on the bottom line to define their choices. At Meraki, we let our passion do that. That’s why we’ve place a premium on our people, but not just any people. We’re drawn to people with drive AND heart. People who value empathy. And people who have the audacity to ask, “Why not?”

We want team members who dream big, who want to challenge how things have been done in the past, and who want to make a resounding impact in everything from healthcare to social justice. Not only that, we also want people who are nice and fun (obviously). Because after all, changing the world doesn’t have to be a drag, and the people you spend time doing that with shouldn’t be either.

How We Work

We’ve always known that a fancy office space doesn’t make an impact. So let’s leave the gleaming marble surfaces to museums, shall we? Meraki.Social is entirely digital, and each of our team members works remotely, patching in from all over the country (and sometimes the world!) to collaborate and create.

We’ve eliminated the overhead that so many other businesses think is imperative to success. And in doing so, we’ve found what nets the largest impact: allowing real people to effectively communicate with flexibility, all while having a few laughs along the way.

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